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Beautiful felt collar in plain brown, brown on off-white, brown on dark gray or brown on mud decorations on the side and brass in the middle with a tiger's eye.

"ORIENTAL TIGER EYE" in brown - highlighted in color

36,00 €Price
  • Important information about care - please read!

    Wool is a natural material and especially in winter or under heavy use it can happen with the neck and lines of the felt that some pilling forms on the band (small nodules) but this is not a problem, because you can do it with a commercially available lint razor just shave off again and the tape will be like new again. If you do not have a lint razor, simply pluck it by hand or cut it off carefully

    You don't actually need to wash felt, because the smells do not penetrate the felt. Simply knock it off and air it if it is dirty. Should it still be necessary, please only wash it by hand, pull it into shape and then let it dry well.

    The chains on the train stop necks can be shortened - simply open the ring like a key ring.

    If you keep this in mind, you will enjoy your neck for a long time

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